Making Sense of Fall Protection

Safety Rails Systems are OSHA Compliant

Safety Rails Systems is a North America supplier of engineered fall protection for industrial and commercial applications. These OSHA compliant systems help protect your workers, contractors and plant site visitors from potential fall hazards.

Non-Penetrating & Attached Roof Systems

Safety Rails Systems has four non-penetrating systems for your industrial and commercial rooftops; Freestanding, Portable, Standing Seam and Parapet Clamp. We also provide mechanically attached systems that use vertical or horizontal mounting brackets.

Overhead & Facility Fall Protection

Safety Rails Systems provides Overhead Track and Facility Fall Protection Systems for your industrial or commercial buildings. Overhead Track Systems are used for servicing and repairing trucks, trailers, railcars, machinery and mobile equipment. Facility Systems are Safety Handrails, Pallet Gates, Mezzanine Gates, Dock Gates, Stairs, Platforms and Fixed Ladders.

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Safety Rails Systems corporate responsibly is recommending an OSHA compliant fall protection system specific for your application.

Safety Rails Systems Will Recommend Fall Protection Specific for Your Application

Freestranding Safety Rails >

Bases for this system are freestanding with integrated rubber pads that do not require any penetrations into the roof. Time saving fast installation without the use of tools or fasteners; simply place the Freestanding Bases using the Base Mover/Dolly and install the Rail Sections.

Metal Roof Safety Rails>

Mounting plates for this system attach to standing seam, corrugated, ribbed and R-Panel metal roofs. For standing seam roofs, the mounting plate clamps to the seams and requires no penetrations. For corrugated, ribbed and R-Panels applications, the mounting plate requires mechanical fasteners that penetrate the metal roof.

Parapet Safety Rails>

Parapet clamps or mounting brackets are used for this system. Parapet Clamp System simply clamp to the roof parapet and requires no penetrations. Mounting Brackets are either vertical or horizontal and require mechanical fasteners that penetrations the parapet.

Attached Safety Rails>

Rail sections for this system are mechanically attached to the subtrade using horizontal or vertical mounting brackets. Attached Safety Rails are available with safety yellow or hot dipped galvanized finishes. Integrated options are Self-Closing Safety Gates and Toeboards.

Roof Hatch Safety Rails>

This system is freestanding, non-penetrating and available for hatch and door applications. Hatch Safety Rails ship fully assembled or modular bolt together design. They are quick to install, just place over hatch and tighten rubber padded compression bolt against the curb.

Overhead Fall Protection
Overhead Track System

Enclosed rigid track and trolley provides your worker effortless movement when working over trucks, trailers, railcars, machinery and mobile equipment. Overhead Track Systems are available as Ceiling Mounted, Freestanding, Swing Arm and Mobile designs.