Freestanding Hatch Guard

Hatch Guard Rail System

Our OSHA Compliant, made in USA Hatch Guard is freestanding and non-penetrating. Use this system for safe egress and ingress through your roof hatches. It also provides passive fall protection around your hatch opening while the hatch door is open.

Each guard rail kit includes Back and Side Rails, Industrial Self-Closing Safety Gate, Grab Bars, and 2’ Safe Landing Zone. Standard finishes are hot dipped galvanized or safety yellow powder coat.

Quick Setup for Immediate Fall Protection

Hatch Guardrail is a modular 4 panel bolt together design. No roof or hatch penetrations are required; simply place guard over the hatch and tighten compression bolts against the curb.

Easy to Order

Hatch Guardrail is available in standard or custom designed sizes. We can provide a kit for any hatch or door application. Simply complete our roof hatch measuring form and we will provide a guard that fits your application.

Quick Install Hatch Guard
Integrated Benefits
  • 2’ Safe Landing Zone
  • Grab Bars
  • Self-Closing Safety Gate
  • Non-Penetrating
Quick and Easy Installation
  • Place guard over hatch
  • Position guard so that hatch door opens fully
  • Tighten rubber compression bolt against hatch curb
  • Your roof hatch is now OSHA compliant

Hatch Guard Specifications

  • Rail Section: 2” x 2” 14-Gauge Tube Steel Exterior Frame
  • Rail Heights: 42" for Top Rail and 21" for Mid Rail
  • Self-Closing Safety Gate: 1-5/8" 16-gauge Tube Steel
  • Finish: Galvanized or Safety Yellow Powder Coat
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