Parapet Guardrail System

Parapet Clamp & Attached System

Parapet Guardrail System is OSHA compliant and attaches to the parapet with either non-penetrating Parapet Clamp or permanently attached Mounting Bracket. This system is for parapets that can structurally support the Parapet Guardrail System and 200 lb. force load as required by OSHA. Please consult with an engineer to determine if your parapet will structurally support this system.

Permanently Attaching Mounting Bracket

Mounting Brackets are permanently attached to building walls and parapets with mechanical fasteners. Purchaser is responsible for sourcing mechanical fasters that will support the Parapet Guardrail System and 200 lb. force load as required by OSHA.

Non-Penetrating Parapet Clamp

Parapet Guardrail System using the Parapet Clamp can be used for permanent or temporary applications. Parapet Clamps are easy to install; simply place on the parapet and tighten with a 1.25” socket to the specified torque. Integrated protective pad come standard on all Parapet Clamps.

Customizable Rail Sections

Pipe and Fitting Rail Sections are used for the Parapet Guardrail System and provide a continuous, clean design. Top rails, mid rails, and stanchions are trimmed at the jobsite for an exact fit. If parapet height is 21” or greater from the walking surface, then a top rail might only be required. Please consult with your Qualified Fall Protection Person to determine if only a top rail will be required.

Guardrail Clamps to Parapet
Parapet Clamp Guardrail System

Non-Penetrating Parapet Clamp

  • Clamp Sizes: 1” - 6”, 6” - 12” or 12” - 24”
  • Integrated Protective Pad
  • Zinc Plated
Mounting Bracket
Permanently Attached Bracket
  • Mounting Bracket Receiver Tubes: Single or Double
  • 3/8" Mounting Bracket Thickness
  • Galvanized or Safety Yellow Powder Coat
Rail Sections
Customizable Rail Section
  • Rail Section Lengths: 10.5’ and 21’
  • 42" Top Rail and 21" Mid Rail Heights
  • Galvanized and Safety Yellow Powder Coat for Pipe
  • Galvanized for Fittings

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