Guardrail Permanently Attaches to Parapet

This guardrail system is OSHA compliant and permanently attaches to the roof parapet using Mounting Brackets. Permanent Parapet Guardrail is our only rooftop system that requires the use of penetrating fasteners.

This system is for parapets that can structurally support the Parapet Guardrail System and 200 lb. force load as required by OSHA. Customer is also responsible for determining method of attachment and sourcing fasteners. Please consult with an engineer to determine if your parapet will structurally support this system.

Safety Gates, Toeboards, Hatch and Skylight Guards can easily be integrated with this system.

Mounting Brackets

Parapet Guardrail System uses three types of Mounting Brackets: Wall, Wall with Top Flange and Horizontal. Each Mounting Bracket has either single or double receiver tubes for the Rail Sections. Rail Sections are secured to Mounting Bracket using set screws and/or locking pins.

Precise Fit Rail Sections

Precise Fit Rail Sections are used for Parapet Guardrail System and provide a continuous, clean design. Top rails, mid rails, and stanchions are trimmed at the jobsite for an exact fit. If parapet height is 21” or greater from the walking surface, then a top rail might only be required. Please consult with your Qualified Fall Protection Person to determine if only a top rail will be required.

Parapet Guardrail with Wall Mount
Mounting Brackets
  • Receiver Tubes: Single or Double
  • Mounting Holes: 4 each ½” (D)
  • Fasteners: Determined and Sourced by Purchaser
  • Finishes: Galvanized or Safety Yellow Powder Coat
Parapet Guardrail with Precise Fit Top and Mid Rails
Precise Fit Rail Sections
  • Rail Section Lengths: up to 10.5’ between Stanchions
  • Rail Heights: 42" Top Rail and 21" Mid Rail
  • Rail Section Finish: Galvanized and Safety Yellow Powder
  • Fittings: Galvanized
Parapet Guardrail Options
Parapet Guardrail Options
  • Architectural Curved Rail Sections
  • Safety Gates
  • Toeboards
  • Roof Ladder Integration
Mounting Bracket Types
Wall Mouting Bracket
Wall Mounting Bracket

(top must be not lower than the walking working surface)


Parapet Guardrail Wall Mount with Flange
Wall with Flange Mounting Bracket
Parapet Guardrail Horizontal Mount
Horizontal Mounting Bracket