In-Plant Safety Handrail Systems

OSHA Compliant Safety Handrail

Our In-Plant Safety Handrail System is a permanently attached fall protection system for applications inside commercial and manufacturing facilities. This system can be used for many in-plant applications like Machine Pits, Pedestrian Walkways, Pits and Vaults, Loading and Shipping Areas, Production and Assembly Areas and Mezzanines. Rail Sections are easily removed for servicing machinery and equipment.

Safety Handrail components include Floor and Wall Mounting Brackets, modular one-piece Rail Sections and Locking Pins (secures Rail Section to Mounts). Integrated options are Toe Boards and heavy duty Self-Closing Safety Gates.  

No Rail Section Assembly Required

Modular on-piece Rail Sections are ready to install without any cutting or time-consuming pipe and clamp assembly. After Mounting Brackets have been mechanically attached, Rail Sections are inserted in the brackets and secured with set screws or Locking Pins; Rail Sections can be easily removed for servicing machinery and equipment.

In Stock Ready to Ship

Kits include include Rail Sections, Mounting Brackets and Locking Pins. Stocked Rail Section lengths are 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, 7.5’, 8’, 9’ and 10’. Standard finishes are safety yellow powder coat and hot dipped galvanized. 

Safety Handrail Protects Your Workers

Safety Handrails Protect Your Workers

Walkway Safety Handrail Systems
Walkways, Shipping & Loading Dock Areas

Safety Handrail Systems will help keep you employees, contractors and visitors safe from fall hazards along walkways, and at shipping and loading areas. Safety Handrail Systems with bright safety yellow finish can also act a hazard barrier to help direct pedestrian traffic throughout your facility.

Machine Pit Safety Handrail Systems
Machine Pits, Assembly & Production Areas

When you need to service, repair or add new machinery, our Safety Handrail Rail Sections are easily removed form their mounting brackets. Simply remove the Locking Pin and/or set screw and detach the Rail Sections from its Mounting Brackets.

Mezzanine Safety Handrail Systems
Mezzanines, Office Roofs & Platform Areas

Safety Handrail Systems will help protect your workers from falls when working and loading materials at elevated heights. We can also integrate Pallet Gates, Manual Gates and Self-Closing Safety Gates into our Safety Handrail Systems.

Safety Handrail Components


Floor Mount
Floor Mounting Bracket
Face Mount
Face Mounting Bracket
Flush Mount
Flush Mounting Bracket
Rail Section
Rail Section
Finish Rail Section
Finish Rail Section
Locking Pin
Locking Pin
Safety Gate
Self-Closing Safety Gate

Planning & Purchasing Your Safety Handrail System


Mounting Brackets:
  • Choose Mounting Brackets: Floor, Face or Flush
  • Mounting Brackets have either single or double Rail Section receiver tubes
  • Use Single Mounting Brackets at the beginning and end of each run of Safety Railing
    • Single Mounting Bracket will extend 1.5" past the Rail Sections at both ends
  • Use Double Mounting Brackets for joining Rail Sections together
    • Floor Double Mounting Brackets adds 4" between Rail Sections
    • Face and Flush Double Mounting Brackets adds 3" between Rail Sections
Rail Sections:
  • Choose Rail Sections: Rail Section for floor, Rail Section for wall/pit, Finish Rail Section for floor or Finish Rail Section for wall/pit
  • Use Finish Rail Sections for corners
  • Rail Sections and Finish Rail Sections attach to the Mounting Brackets using Locking Pins, set screws or combination of both
Integrated Options:
  • Slide on Toeboards can be added at anytime
  • Heavy-duty Self-Closing Safety Gates
    • Choose opening adjustment range: 16” - 22”, 23” - 29” and 30” - 36”

Safety Handrail Specifications


Mounting Brackets:
  • Mounting plate thicknesses are 3/8" for Floor and 10-gauge for Face and Flush Mounting Brackets
  • 1/2" pre-drilled holes for 3/8" anchors (not provided)
  • Single or Double Receiver Tubes
Rail Sections:
  • 1-5/8" tube steel diameter
  • 16-gauge tube thickness (14-gauge for wall/pit applications)
  • 42" top rail and 21" mid rail
  • Safety yellow powder coat
  • Hot dipped galvanized
  • Custom powder coat (3 week lead-time)