Freestanding Roof Safety Rail System

Roof Safety Rail Protects Your Workers

Our OSHA Compliant, made in USA Freestanding Roof Safety Rail System is passive fall protection that does not require the use of personal protective equipment and active participation from rooftop workers after installation. This system is designed for use on surfaces with a 1/12 pitch or less and can be used as permanent or temporary fall protection.

Roof Safety Rail components are Freestanding Bases, Rail Sections and Locking Pins (secures Rail Section to Base). All Freestanding Bases include a factory installed rubber pad. Integrated options are Toeboards, Ladder Spanner Brackets, Safety Gates and Base Mover/Dolly.

Time Saving Setup for Immediate Use

Freestanding Roof Safety Rail System is simple and quick to install without any roof penetrations, fabrication, welding or tools. An inexperienced crew of two workers can install approximately 175 lineal feet (or more) per hour.

Easy to Order

Freestanding Roof Safety Rail components are in stock and ready to ship. Kits include Freestanding Bases, Rail Sections and Base to Rail Section Locking Pins. Standard stocked Rail Sections are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 9 and 10 foot lengths. Standard finishes are safety yellow powder coat and hot dipped galvanized.

Roof Safety Rail System Protects Workers During Maintenance and Repair
Freestanding Roof Safety Rail is Permanent & Non-Penetrating
Permanent & Non-Penetrating

Our Freestanding Roof Safety Rail is used as a permanent, heavy-duty rooftop fall protection system. This OSHA compliant system can be used for partial or entire rooftop applications.

Freestanding Roof Safety Rail System Used for HVAC, Cooling Tower & Fan
Servicing HVAC, Cooling Towers & Fans

Our Freestanding Roof Safety Rail System uses one-piece modular Rail Sections that can be easily customized for your application. After reviewing your project details, we can provide a parts list of standard components to complete your rooftop safety project.

Freestanding Roof Safety Rail System Used for Drain Cleaning & Repair
Cleaning Drains & Roof Repair

Our Freestanding Roof Safety Rail System will help keep your employees and contractors safe for roof fall hazards while performing maintenance and repairs. Toeboards and Safety Gates can be integrated at any time with this system.

Roof Safety Rail Ladder Spanner Bracket
Ladder Spanner Brackets

Freestanding Roof Safety Rail System connects to roof access ladders and walls using special Ladder Spanner Brackets. There are several adjustable designs that can be integrated into any application.

Roof Safety Rail Self-Closing Safety Gate
Safety Gates

Safety Gates can be integrated onto our Freestanding Roof Safety Rail System at any time. Safety Gate Frame assembly replaces a Rail Section, you can choose either self-closing or manual safety gates.

Roof Safety Rail Metal Toeboard

Metal Toeboards can be integrated into our Freestanding Roof Safety Rail System at any time. They simply slide onto the Rail Sections prior to inserting into the Freestanding Bases.

Freestanding Base

Freestanding Roof Safety Rail uses cast Iron bases that are easy to move, place and install using our Base Mover/Dolly. Each Freestanding Base has receiver ports that accept Rail Sections and Visual Warning Line Posts. Factory installed rubber pads are provided on all Bases.

Roof Sections attach to the Freestanding Bases using Locking Pins. Finishes include standard safety yellow and hot dipped galvanized.

1-Piece Rail Sections
  • Rail Section: 1-5/8" 16-gauge Tube Steel
  • Rail Heights: 42" for Top Rail and 21" for Mid Rail
  • Rail Finish: Safety Yellow, Custom and Galvanized
  • Freestanding Base: Cast Iron
  • Base Finish: Safety Yellow, Custom and Galvanized
  • Locking Pin: Secures Rail Section to Base

Simple Installation

Step 1- Review value added Project CAD Drawings, and Installation Drawings and Guidelines
Step 2- Position and place the Freestanding Bases using Mover/Dolly
Step 3- Insert Rail Sections into Bases
Step 4- Secure Rail Sections to Bases using Locking Pins

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