Freestanding Safety Rail System

Freestanding Safety Rail Protect Workers

Our OSHA Compliant, Made in USA Freestanding Safety Rail Systems are passive fall protection products that do not require the use of personal protective equipment and active participation from the work once installed. Our Roof Railing System is designed for use on surfaces with a 1/12 pitch or less, and can be used as permanent or temporary fall protection.

Safety Rail Systems components are Freestanding Bases, Rail Sections and Locking Pins (secures Rail Section to Base). Roof Railing System also include Rubber Pads on the Bases. Integrated options are Toe Boards, Ladder Spanner Brackets, Safety Gates and Freestanding Base Mover/Dolly. 

Time Saving Setup for Immediate Use

Freestanding Safety Rail and Roof Railing Systems are simple and quick to setup without any roof penetrations, fabrication, welding or tools. An inexperienced crew of two people can setup 175 lineal feet (or more) per hour or our Roof Railing System.

Easy to Order

Safety Rail and Roof Railing Systems are in stock and ready to ship. Kits include Freestanding Bases, Rail Sections and Locking Pins. Stocked Rail Sections are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.5, 8, 9 and 10 foot lengths. Standard finish is safety yellow powder coat and hot dipped galvanized. Custom Rail Section lengths and powder coat finishes are also available.

Safety Rail System for Roof Maintenance and Repair
Fast Setup for Roof Maintenance and Repair
Freestanding Safety Rail Base Mover

Safety Rail Freestanding Base

Freestanding Bases are easy to move, place and install using our Base Mover/Dolly. Each Base has receiver ports that will accept up to four Rail Sections. Factory installed rubber pad is provided on all Bases.

Safety Rail Sections
Rail Sections

Roof Railing attaches to the Freestanding Bases using a Locking Pin that allows Rail Sections to swivel 360º for ease of setup. Finishes include standard safety yellow and hot dipped galvanized, and custom colors.

Safety Rail Ladder Spanner Brackets
Integrated Options
  • Spanner Brackets: attaches Roof Railing to ladders
  • Metal Toe Boards: simply slide on at anytime
  • Safety Gates: Self-Closing and Manual Styles
  • Project CAD Drawings: shows layout of Rail Sections

Safety Rail Specifications

  • Rail Section: 1-5/8" 16-gauge Tube Steel
  • Rail Heights: 42" for Top Rail and 21" for Mid Rail
  • Rail Finish: Safety Yellow, Custom and Galvanized
  • Base: Cast Iron, 23"(D) and 104-lb
  • Base Finish: Safety Yellow, Custom and Galvanized
  • Locking Pin: Secures Rail Section to Base

Safety Rail Setup Outline

Step 1- Review value added Project CAD Drawings, and Installation Drawings and Guidelines
Step 2- Position and place the Freestanding Bases using Mover/Dolly
Step 3- Insert Rail Sections into Bases
Step 4- Secure Rail Sections to Bases using Locking Pins

Roof Railing Uses

  • Permanent Installations
  • Roof Access Ladders
  • Cooling Towers & Fans
  • Roof Opening & Edges
  • Skylight Guarding
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Servicing HVAC
  • Roof Perimeters
  • Cleaning Drains
  • Roof Hatches
  • Floor Openings
Skylight Safety Rail System

Skylight Safety Rail Guard

Non-penetrating, OSHA compliant Skylight Safety Rail Guards are available in Screen and Freestanding Rail Styles. Skylight Guards are custom designed and manufactured for each skylight.

Screen Style uses compression attachments without penetrating the skylight. Compression Skylight Guards are easy to install and does not require drilling, cutting or special tools.

Freestanding Safety Rail Style sits on the roof without any penetrations. Freestanding Guards are quick and easy to install without drilling, cutting or special tools. Simply place over the skylight and tighten the rubber padded compression bolts.

Roof Hatch Safety Rail System

Roof Railing Hatch Guard

Freestanding, non-penetrating and OSHA Compliant Roof Railing Hatch Guards are custom designed and manufactured for each application. They are shipped fully assembled, install quickly and provide immediate passive fall protection around roof hatches and doors.

Quick and Easy Installation

  1. Place factory assembled Roof Railing Hatch Guard over hatch
  2. Tighten rubber padded compression bolt against curb

Roof Railing Hatch Guard kit includes side and back rail sections and a self-closing safety gate. Finishes include safety yellow, custom colors and hot dipped galvanized. Click here to learn more

Standing Seam Safety Rail System

Attached Safety Rail

This system mechanically attaches to the substrate using special roof clamps and wall mounts. Attached Safety Rail System is a perfect solution for roof standing seams, parapets and walls.

Attached Safety Rail Applications

  • Non-penetrating roof Standing Seam clamp
  • Parapet Mount for roof perimeters
  • Wall Mount for machine pits, vaults and sumps

Attached Safety Rail System ships ready to install without any Rail Section assembly, fabrication, cutting or welding. Finishes include safety yellow, custom colors and galvanized. Click here to learn more