Architectural Style Rail Sections

Architectural Guardrail System uses non-penetrating Freestanding Bases and Precise Fit architectural style Rail Sections. This system is 100% OSHA compliant, Made in USA and permanent.

Vertical or Curved Rail Sections

Vertical or curved architectural style Rail Sections look like an integrated part of the building. Architectural Guardrail options are Self-Closing Safety Gates, Toeboards and Fix roof ladder Integration.

Customizable Fit with Standard Parts

Precise Fit Rail Sections use standard off the shelf parts that provide a continuous, architectural design. Top and mid rails are trimmed at the jobsite for an exact fit. Countless fittings are in stock for transitioning over roof expansion joints, ducts, conduit and other obstacles.

Non-Penetrating Permanent Base

Architectural Guardrail System uses non-penetrating Freestanding Bases These bases are for use on roofs with a 1/12 pitches or less. Freestanding Bases are easily moved into place use Base Mover.

Freestanding Architectural Guardrail is Non-Penetrating
Freestanding Base
  • Material: cast iron
  • Dimension and weight: 23” | 104 lbs.
  • Pad: factory installed 1/16” EPDM pad
  • Finishes: galvanized or safety yellow
  • Roof slope: 1/12 pitch or less
  • Origin: 100% Made in USA
Freestanding Architectural Guardrail uses Precise Fit Rail Sections
Precise Fit Rail Sections
  • Lengths: up to 10’ (8’ for California)
  • Material: schedule 40 pipe
  • Heights: 42" for top rail and 21" for mid rail
  • Finish: hot dipped galvanized
  • Locking Base to Rail Section: Locking Pins
  • Origin: 100% Made in USA

Architectural Guardrail Options

  • Curved Rail Sections (same cost as vertical Rail Sections)
  • Safety yellow powder coat only over Freestanding Bases (reduces cost)
  • Self-Closing Safety Gates
  • Toeboards
  • Integrates into existing roof access ladders
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